The central exceptional location of Turkey, its advanced sanitary installations, its specialist doctors and its superiorly qualified medical personnel, supported by its natural beauty and its soft climate, its cultural and historical richness.

Turkey has became an attractive destination for medical tourism, with 35 million tourists in 2014, using the latest Technologies and techniques, Turkey has became a rising star in the field of medical tourism, with high quality medical treatments that compete with those that European hospitals offer with an incredibly reduced cost of medical treatment.

The cost of medical treatments in Turkey is more reasonable comparing to the courtiers in Europe and the US. Turkey has been always a passage between the East and the West, as it is situated on two continents both Europe and Asia, its warmness and the hospitality of its habitants is known in the whole world.

The clinics of EsteClinic are JCI accredited with the highest number of JCI accredited medical installations in Turkey. The tourists in Turkey are assured to receive high level medical services in quality infrastructures. We are glad and honored that our foreign guests will stay in Istanbul and visit the historical places of this beautiful cosmopolite during and after the period of treatment. We are ready to host citizens from all over the world for their treatments and touristic visits.




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