Beard Transplant

Beard transplant, also known as facial hair transplant, is a medical procedure that is performed to increase beard density or restore lost beard hair.

Beard Hair Loss

Scarring, genetics or medical conditions such as Trichotillomania or some type of skin infection like ringworm may result in patchy look or the loss of beard hair. There are many studies which suggest that most men are not happy with the patchiness or non-existence of beard hair.

Moreover facial hair is a sign of masculinity in some cultures; therefore, it has a great importance for men. As a result, men suffering from the loss of beard hair start looking for a solution to their problem. Nowadays tens of thousands of people are seeking for beard transplant for cosmetic reasons. Hollywood stars growing beards have led many people with beard loss problem to undergo beard transplant treatment.

Beard transplant provides a great opportunity to have a dense and full beard for men who wish to change the way they look and restore their beard hair. Beard transplant is a minimally invasive procedure and patients go back to their home on the same day and return to their daily life in a couple of days.
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