Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift in Turkey by Estethica hospital plastic surgeons has been chosen by hundreds of patients each year from all over the world.

Brazilian butt lift, medically known as gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation, is performed through liposuction and fat grafting. Liposuctioned fatty tissue is injected into buttocks so that size and shape of buttocks are enhanced. Thanks to fat transfer to buttocks, they are lifted and buttocks area look more youthful.

Besides enhancing the buttocks, brazilian butt lift provides an added benefit because a part of the body is liposuctioned so the area where the fat is extracted becomes smaller. That is why, women who have excess fat in certain areas of their body can benefit from brazilian butt lift in both ways; by becoming slimmer and enhancing the buttocks.

Why Choose Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey with Estethica?

  • ISAPS and IPRAS member plastic surgeons
  • JCI-accredited hospitals
  • Low costs
  • Natural results
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