Breast Reduction

How to reduce breast size is a question asked by millions of women around the world. Breast reduction surgery brings a solution to the problem of large breasts for women. Large and sagging breasts may result in pain on the shoulders and neck, backache, skin irritations and painful pressure due to bra straps.

Because of their sexual nature, the excessive largeness of the breasts may take excessive attention from the opposite sex, causing annoying comments and sexual innuendoes. Such problems might create psychological distress to women who complain about having large and sagging breasts. One of the most received complaints of women with large breasts is that it is very hard to dress fashionably and be active in sports, especially during the summer.
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In order to bring a solution to this discomfort, increasing number of women are going for breast reduction in Turkey because of low breast reduction cost, top quality surgeons and state-of-the-art medical facilities. Breast reduction cost in Turkey is more affordable than costs in the UK and the USA. Likewise, areola reduction is cheaper in Turkey than other countries.

During the breast reduction surgery in Turkey, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and fat so that breasts become smaller and better shaped. Breast reduction surgery can also correct asymmetry of the breasts.

Estethica plastic surgeons use dissolvable stitches so you will not need to remove them after surgery and the scars will gradually disappear over time. High quality and cheap breast reduction surgery in Turkey with Estethica results in proportionate breasts that increase body image, develop self confidence and diminish the discomfort that women encounter.

Why Choose Breast Reduction in Turkey with Estethica?

  • Different surgical techniques on each patient
  • Relief of physical discomfort due to large breasts
  • Free corrective surgery in case of unlikely malpractice
  • ISAPS and IPRAS certified leading plastic surgeons

Breast Enlargement in Detail

PROCEDURE: Breast Reduction
LENGTH: 1 to several hours
ANESTHESIA: General in most cases
SIDE EFFECTS: change in nipple sensation, Temporary bruising, swelling, discomfort, soreness, numbness, permanent scar
RISK: Bleeding, infection, skin loss, asymmetry, loss of nipple sensation.
RECOVERY: Back to work: 1 to 2 weeks. More strenuous activity: 1 month. Fading of scars: several months to 1 year or more
RESULT LASTS: Depends on the patient. Gravity, pregnancy, weight changes or age may cause sagging

What is Breast Reduction?

Large breasts can cause some women to have both medical and psychological problems. In addition to self-image issues, some may feel physical pain and discomfort. The excess breast tissue may create a difficulty for having an active life. The emotional discomfort and self-consciousness usually related with having large sagging breasts are significant to many women.

Also known as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction surgery removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin in order to achieve a breast size that is proportionate with patient’s body and minimize the discomfort related with overly large breasts. Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty improves the size and shape of breasts. Following breast reduction surgery, clothes will fit the person much better.

Contraindications of Breast Reduction Surgery

Estethica plastic surgeons will examine the patient to determine if breast reduction plastic surgery is suitable.

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