Nose Surgery

For patients who have breathing problems due to deviated septum, septoplasty can be suggested by the surgeon in addition to rhinoplasty. When they are performed together, the procedure is called septorhinoplasty and it improves both the appearance of the nose and the nasal airway.

Estethica has become top choice for patients who are looking for quality and cheap nose job abroad. Hundreds of patients from five continents have gone ahead with nose job in Turkey with Estethica.

Nose job cost in Turkey is much more affordable than nose job cost in the UK. Estethica is proud to have top plastic surgeons with years of expertise, international experience and artistic skills which are essential to perform quality nose job in Turkey.

Nose Job in Turkey with Estethica

  • ISAPS and IPRAS certified plastic surgeons with artistic skills and more than 3,000 rhinoplasty cases
  • Top quality JCI-accredited hospital
  • No visible scars after the surgery thanks to advanced rhinoplasty techniques
  • Low costs
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Nose Job in Detail
PROCEDURE: Reduce or enlarge the nose size, change the shape of nasal tip or nasal bridge, make the nostril width slimmer or adjust the angle between the nose and upper lip
LENGTH: 1 or 2 hours
ANESTHESIA: General or local
SIDE EFFECTS: Swelling, stuffiness, temporary loss of sense of smell, bleeding
RISK: In some cases revision rhinoplasty may be required, infection
RECOVERY: 72 hours to 10 days
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