Women Hair Transplant

Female-pattern hair loss, called androgenic or androgenetic alopecia, is basically the female version of male pattern baldness and it afflicts 40% of women. Unlike men, women don’t tend to have a receding hairline, instead their part may widen and they may have noticeable thinning of hair.

At Esteclinic we understand how sensitive this issue is and we know how to support you through the process. After having helped numerous women overcome this, we are confident in our expertise in this area.

The good side of women hair transplants, is that we don’t shave all the head, but a small window at the back of the head is shaved then covered by the hair without being obvious to the eye. The hairs are then transplanted to the desired area without cutting or shaving the recipient area.
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The back and the side areas of the head are not touched genetically by the hair loss. Hair transplantation is a simple surgical operation where the surgeon extracts follicles of hair that are not sensible to the DHT hormones in the donor area (part between the neck and the ears) and re-implants them in the bald area.

The hair that comes from the donor area will follow their genetic program and grow throughout the entire patient’s life. Hair transplant offers a perfectly natural appearance. Hair transplant is the best solution for baldness.

Hair transplant nowadays is being processed with different methods. The old fashion method is FUT, where a strip of the skin is removed from the back of the scalp, and the hair gets separated from the strip and implanted in the bald area, this method has a few inconveniences, like leaving a wide scar on the back of the scalp where the hair doesn’t grow on it and rests visible to the eye, in addition this method is painful and lasts too long that the follicles can lose their life before getting implanted.

FUE method:

(Follicle Unit Extraction) is used in hair transplantation since 2004 without any necessary surgical intervention. The grafts of follicular individual units are harvested one by one with a special instrument called micro motor, at Estethica we use a titanium micro motor punch with a 0.6 diameter with the lowest speed (10 turns per second), which doesn’t leave any trace at the back of the scalp since its very thin and doest destroy the grafts while harvesting them since it is very slow.

Perkutan 3D implantation technique: After harvest, the phase of opening receiving channels begins. This phase is the most important and it defines the success of the hair transplant. At Estethica we use a very advanced and developed technique for this phase, it was studied and developed in Europe and then implemented at Estethica. It is actually opening the receiving channels in 3 dimensions using superfine needles with a 0.5 mm diameter. This Technique permits to implant up to 55 grafts in one cm squared.

The benefits of FUE method and PERKUTAN Technique:
No scar at the back of the scalp
Decreased pain and healing time
Higher density (55 grafts per cm)
Control of the hair direction
Natural and undetectable look
Higher number of implants 4000 in one session
PRP Treatment:

PRP (Platelet Rich plasma) is a blood plasma that contains a much elevated concentration in platelet which is normally produced in the blood. The plasma rich in thrombocytes, comes from your own body and is responsible for the reconstruction and the nutrition of the root of the hair. These plasmas are mixed with an activator (mix of vitamins) and then injected unto the scalp to revitalize and maintain the quality and the life of the hair follicles. This treatment helps the existing hair to survive and empowers the hair implants.

Nutritional Treatment:

At Estethica, we do not only transplant your hair but we also help you to preserve you own hair, a main reason of hair loss is nutrition, this is being neglected everywhere, but it is very important and crucial to the life of the hair follicles. A deficiency in Vitamin B, Protein and iron or even an excess in Vitamin A can influence hair loss. Therefore at Estethica, we test your nutritional habits and reconstruct a nutritional program designed especially for you to preserve your hair.

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